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Biblical Authority and the Historical Trajectory – Part 2

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hqdefault[3]Though there is a strong argument that the founding principles of the U.S. are more a product of the Enlightenment than the Bible and that the U.S. from its inception stood on a historical trajectory away from biblical authority, there can be no question that the Bible played a significant part in shaping the early culture of the new nation.  Besides the obvious influence of Puritanism in 17th century Massachusetts, British evangelist, George Whitefield, made multiple trips to the colonies in the decades prior to the revolution, and his preaching up and down the Atlantic coast as part of the 1st Great Awakening helped forge in the colonists a uniquely American form of Christianity and a sense of unity.  It helped that the population of the original thirteen colonies was largely drawn from western European nations dominated by Christianity of some sort.  However, the fervor of the 1st Great Awakening seems to have been diluted by revolutionary radicalism during the fight for independence Read more