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I’ve Got a Question

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catholic_church_vatican-HD-450x253[1]There is much about the Roman Catholic Church that I admire and find appealing.  The liturgy of the Mass, when properly understood, is potent with scripture and draws all of the senses into worship. The sacred music of the Church like Gregorio Allegri’s Miserere Mei, Deus capture the mystery and beauty of the divine in a way that is mesmerizing while the Catholic intellectual tradition is rich, expansive, and ancient having birthed a number of first tier universities (something evangelicalism has not been able to accomplish).  I respect the Church for holding the line against the cultural tide in sexual and reproductive ethics.  The Catholic Church has maintained an unpopular yet unwavering testimony to the sacredness of life in its opposition to abortion and artificial birth control as well as the death penalty.  Read more